Strategy and Management Consulting Firm

A business needs to choose its direction, adopt a vision, and an approach that leverages its strengths and weaknesses and its view of opportunities and threats in an optimal manner.
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Strategy and Management Consulting Firm

Pursuit of Business Objectives in the most effective and efficient manner requires Performance Planning, Performance Measurement and Performance Management.
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Strategy and Management Consulting Firm

Whether Buying or selling a business, investing or disinvesting an existing business, the transactions require professional support for Valuation, Due Diligence, Partner Search, etc.
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Hmsa Profile

To become the most preferred professional service provider firm by successfully addressing the central issue of the client’s problem, every time

To achieve our vision, we will :

  • Develop deep understanding of client businesses and their different levers
  • Relentlessly pursue relevant data and facts to base the issue analysis on
  • Synthesize and leverage the rich experience of our senior experts and creativity of young team members in generating solutions
  • Offer to handhold our clients to execute our advice in demonstration of our confidence in our recommendations
  • Integrity and Forthrightness
  • Professional Excellence
  • Value for Money
  • Meritocracy & Personal Development
  • Collaboration
  • Open & Flexible Work Culture

Clients Served By Our Team

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Strategy & Management Consulting: – Our Perspective

Strategy is about making choices and adopting courses of action that lead you to your ultimate objective in the most efficient and effective manner. The word strategy embeds in it the idea of doing something which is not so obvious and yet, is a smarter way of accomplishing the objective. The journey towards the corporate objectives is often strewn with strategic conflicts. Forgoing something immediate or something apparently of benefit, in the pursuit of something which is not so apparent or not so immediate, is an important element of strategy.

Strategy & Management Consulting: – Our Approach

The act of reaching the most appropriate choice involves a range of considerations requiring functional expertise and industry experience. However, it is not only the parameters intrinsic to the decision that require analysis. A variety of extraneous parameters, which define the context in which the decision will need to be implemented also need attention. It is a balanced consideration of these twin dimensions that determines the success of our approach to strategy development.

Strategy needs to be fact based and supported by sound research. Our pursuit of validated facts as the only admissible basis for strategy makes for realistic planning. Adding to the data analysis, the points of view of multiple functional and industry experts, ensures that we cover a wide range of possibilities. Synchronizing and coordinating multiple functional plans and following them up with multi-year financial forecasts gives completeness. To that extent however, the process is dominated more by the planning approach. It also provides for adequate flexibility for course corrections in the face of an uncertain future. As strategy and management consultants, we help you deal comprehensively with the variety of challenges the business faces whether financial, commercial, management, operational, transactional or strategic. Addressing the entire gamut, we engage with our clients interactively and help them develop their own strategy.

Working with a wide range of exceptional clients has sensitized us to respect the clients’ understanding of their own industry. As your strategy and management consultants, we build on what you already know and do not borrow your watch to tell you the time. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel and are glad to take the project beyond the point up to which client has already progressed it. We are sensitive to not waste the value of good work already done by the client or third parties on solving a problem when we take charge. We are empathetic of the operational constraints and the dynamically altering priorities corporate teams face at work. Our recommendations, therefore, are tempered in this recognition and made implementable.

The delivery of our services and advice is more in the nature of presentations and a consultative dialogue around client issue. Hence the key result is a changed understanding of the problem on the part of the client, and therefore, a sense of relief in having discovered a solution. This involves constant engagement with client personnel in charge of implementing the solution and thereby takes away the typical academic-ness of the nature of recommendations that consultants are often accused of making. Documentation in the form of reports is thus primarily for the posterity and reference.

Strategy & Management Consulting: – Our Value Proposition

We operate a lean business model enabling us to deploy otherwise high cost, expert resources often with Big-4 or Big-4 like experience at significantly lower cost. Their direct involvement at project level means less rework, less time and superior quality of outputs. They have several years of exposure to using advanced tools and sophisticated methodologies for addressing a variety of problem-solving situations. Backed by 350+ man-years of collective experience, the considerably higher level of personal involvement and ownership of all technical work makes our consultants are an irresistible value proposition. Our model insulates our expensive resources against non-technical and administrative involvement and time spend. Hence, with us you only pay for actual technical consulting time of these high cost resources and unlike in larger firms, not for the time spent by them on administrative and compliance work. Engaging us, you will realize that innovation, creativity, and professional insight are the guiding spirits of our solutions.

Do reach out to us to explore how we can add value to your quest to improve your business effectiveness and efficiency.